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204s in San Clemente history

204s in San Clemente history

November 6, 2015 By Joel Daniel in Blog. Tagged: 204s • 204s san clemente • beach life • buena vista • history • San Clemente • surfing
204s in San Clemente history.I wanted to start out by giving a little history of 204s beach in San Clemente,CA. The line to San Diego was completed in the late-1880’s as the Santa Fe Railroad’s route between Barstow, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The mile signs, also known as mile posts were used by train conductors, repair men and others to identify where they were or needed to be along the railway. Here is where 204 fits in along the railway.

204s san clemente
204s san clemente
204s san clemente


0.0 Barstow (at the old Barstow train station, about one mile west of the huge McDonalds just off I-15)36.7 Victorville

71.0 Devore (near the Hyundai Glenhelen Pavilion)

81.3 San Bernardino

106.7 Pomona

131.7 Pasadena

140.1 Los Angeles (directly behind the LA Mens Jail near downtown)

165.0 Fullerton

170.5 Angel Stadium in Anaheim

175.5 Santa Ana

197.2 San Juan Capistrano


204.8 San Clemente

209.2 San Onofre

226.2 Oceanside

238.1 Encinitas

244.0 Del Mar

267.5 San Diego

273.1 National City


Now that you know the history behind 204s I have to say that the stairway leading down to the beach is an awesome workout, best of all it’s FREE!!! A great starting point would be trying to run the stairs 1-2 times and move up from there. Yes, you will feel the burn and wonder how you are going to even walk the rest of the day but when you’re done you really feel like you have accomplished something and starts or ends your day on a great note. There is a bench at the bottom that is a great resting spot when you’re finished, you can people watch, dog watch and see the waves role in. If you live in the area and have not checked it out I highly recommend it. The stairs are just off the street of Buena Vista. Thanks for reading and enjoy the beach life!