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Las Ramblas Hiking Trail

Today I took my Canadian parents to Las Rambles Hiking Trail in San Juan Capistrano. Las Ramblas Hiking TrailI have to say that I highly recommend these trails. It’s a good workout and the bonus is the gorgeous views of San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, and ocean. A couple things to be aware of are if you use Google Maps for directions it takes you to the park on Camino Las Rambles which is also nice but not where the hiking trails are. If you want to get to the hiking trails you need to go to the end of Camino Las Rambles where it dead ends and that is where the hiking trails begin.Las Ramblas Hiking Trail

There are parts of the Las Ramblas Hiking Trail that can be pretty advanced and you are basically walking at a 45 degree angle. But there are also many parts of the trail that are easily walkable for the beginner or intermediate hiker. If you like mountain biking these trail seemed to go on forever. Miles and miles of biking trails would make this a very enjoyable weekend bike ride. The trail is also a dog friendly so go ahead and bring your dogs they will love it.