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How we sell homes others can't

We wanted to do a San Clemente Case Study of a home we recently closed in San Clemente. Over the past three years this home has been listed three different times by 3 different companies and every time the listing either cancelled or expired. We took this listing on as a challenge and we knew we could get it sold because we always think outside the box and personalize our marketing campaign for every listing. Here are a few obstacles that we had to overcome and although in the end we got the job done the process was very difficult at times to say the least.
-Both units were rented so the seller did not allow me into the property even to take photos. I had to use owners old photos
-No buyer was aloud to see the property until they submitted an offer, offers were made subject to interior inspection
- The property needed work so all buyers looking for something turn key were off the table
-Was not allowed to have a sign on the property
-Tenants are rarely cooperative on a sale because they don't know what is going to happen with the new owner
1. Because 85% of people start their home buying search online today we really try to take advantage of that for our clients. Facebook and Video are two very important components to a successful Real Estate Sales campaign in today's Real Estate Market. For this specific property, we did a ton of target marketing to small business, contractors, people likely to move and who love the beach. Facebook allows you to specifically target certain groups of people and with the obstacles we faced on this sale, we made up  by specifically targeting people or groups that might have interest in this type of property. (By the way, we sold it to a contractor.)
2. This property was zoned both Commercial and Residential we took the time to put it under multiple MLS headings. Commercial, Residential and Residential Income are three of the MLS headings that we used. Just by taking an extra hour we put this property in front of anyone looking for property in any of these specific zoning types.
3.We also took the time to upload this home on multiple Commercial and Residential Sale sites online, Zillow and Loopnet to name a couple.
4.Craigslist- We thought outside the box when marketing on Craiglist also, we used key words like 1031 exchange, fixer, commercial and Residential zoned. Anyone searching for these terms would come across our listing.Craigslist is a great tool and because it can be time consuming and tedious many agents dont take advantage of this Free
When selling properties as difficult as this one, advice I would give future home sellers is to choose an agent with a positive attitude, willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra time to market your property properly. As I have said many times, YOU DON'T NEED A REAL ESTATE AGENT YOU NEED A SAVVY MARKETING GURU.