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San Clemente Outlets

For those of you who have not had the chance to visit the San Clemente Outlets I thought I would give a quick overview and add in a few pictures that may be helpful to future shoppers . One thing I really liked about the San Clemente Outlets is that the complex is dog friendly. (if you hate dogs you might want to stay away) For those of you looking for a different place to  walk with your dog here is another option. It’s always fun  to bring your dog  to a place and see all the reactions and interactions between the doggies. It was perfect for us, Molly and I walked and the wife shopped.San Clemente Outlets
In regards to the actual shopping & store critique at the San Clemente Outlets I might not be the best person to comment on this; I did however add a couple of pictures that show what stores and restaurants are in the complex. In regards to pricing of products the items that I did see and know a little bit about did not seem to be priced all that great. As I’m writing this my wife is over my shoulder giving me crap telling me I don’t know anything about pricing so I guess you’ll have to go check it out for yourself.

San Clemente Outlets San Clemente Outlets

If I was to pick the biggest negative for me it would be the lack of restaurants and overall fun vibe of the place. It would have been cool to have an outdoor sports bar or two. I would have enjoyed having a beer and some good food while meeting some new people.
Will I go back again? I am sure I will at some point, especially on a nice day when the whole family can go for a nice relaxing walk.

San Clemente Outlets