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What Should you look for in a Real Estate Agent?

What Should you look for in a Real estate Agent?

There are some important steps you need to take before your home goes on the market and net the absolute top dollar the market will bear.In order for any seller to achieve this there are some very  important steps you need to take . Here are 8 tips on things that are very important before and during an Escrow to maximize your profits and what Should you look for in a Real estate Agent?

Marketing - You don't need a Real Estate Agent you need a Marketing Guru. Before you choose a Realtor have them explain their marketing plan or strategy for selling your home. You need to know that your home is going to get maximum exposure and what steps will be taken to ensure this happens.
Cost - What is it going to cost you the seller to sell your home? Every real estate agent should give you a Net Sheet that itemizes all costs. You should know within a few thousand dollars of what your net gain will be on the sale of your home.sunrise-989060_1920
Pricing-Probably the most important thing when selling your home is pricing. Bottom line, if you price your home too high it will sit on the market and in the end you will make less money. When I am representing a buyer and I see a home that has been on the market for an extended period, I take full advantage of that. I routinely low-ball offers and  ask for extensive needed repairs during the escrow. You the seller want to be in control during the escrow not the other way around. Any good agent will smell desperation and take full advantage of that. The Ace  we have up our sleeve is Christie is a certified  Real Estate Appraiser and she will complete a full Appraisal for free on every home we list. I actually am able to market that your  home has already been Appraised and there is no issue with being overpriced. This is beneficial to not only to potential buyers but their agents as well.
Facebook - If your agent isn't well-versed in Facebook advertising move on. They should understand boosted posts, target marketing and re-targeting. Facebook is one of the best tools to give your home a ton of exposure and if done properly will really help with the sale of your home.
Hustle- Your agent needs to be a hustler meaning  they do things that other agents don't do. Knocking on doors and letting the whole neighborhood know that your house is for sale and it would be perfect for their family or friends is very important. Your agent needs to create a buzz in the neighborhood by talking with everyone and anyone.
Internet Will they utilize all the major free sites? Zillow, Trulia,, etc. They should know how to use all these sites.
Video- Your agent should be well-versed in video marketing . We are in a video driven world now. You should have videos of your home uploaded to Facebook, Youtube,Twitter and Instagram. They should also understand and have knowledge on how to to have your videos rank high on Youtube in a short period of time.
Staging-Does your agent know what inexpensive cosmetic fixes bring value to a sale? Christie has been a licensed Appraiser for over 15 years,she knows exactly what minor staging/cosmetic repairs will bring value and make it more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers. Your agent should be able to walk into your home and be honest with you. No agent should ever feel like they are going to hurt their seller’s feelings. We are the professionals, we should know exactly what buyers look for and what buyer’s want and staging helps accomplish that.