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Buying a Home at the Beach

Buying a Home at the Beach can be a very exciting time but will also come with some stress. In order to alleviate some of the stresses  and concern when purchasing a home by the beach we thought we would put together a list of tips for future home buyers that will help you in the process. We have sold and appraised homes both inland and at the beach. We understand that buying a home at the beach can be a different animal and there are things buyers must realize and understand before moving forward. san clemente home buyers the daniel team

1. It is important that you know your budget when  buying a home at the beach and you stick to it. Do not get stuck feeling house poor. For example, if you enjoy going out to dinner or having a glass of wine at a nice restaurant  few times a week don’t have your house payment take that away from you.

2.When buying a home at the beach you need to understand that every Beach town has different areas. For example, in San Clemente we live by the pier. We enjoy this area because we can walk to Del Mar Street, down to the Pier and have close access to things that we enjoy doing. The downside for many people in our area is how busy it is, especially during the summer months. If you enjoy a more  quiet atmosphere the pier might not be your first choice. There are other areas in San Clemente by the beach that are much quieter.

3. It is very important for you to know the tax rates. Because much of the beach consists of older homes, generally speaking your tax rate is going to be less than a newer community but there are many instances where a newer home development has been built and your tax rates can be upwards of 2% when you include special assessments and Mello Roos. There are also many communities that have HOA’s. Not only will this add $300 to $600 a month to your payment but there can also be restrictions. You need to be aware of what these restrictions are so you don’t move in and find out that you can’t paint your house the color you want or park a commercial vehicle in the driveway just to name a couple restrictions.san clemente home buyers the daniel team

4. You need to find out if there is any additional Insurance you will need to purchase.

5. Don’t overpay for a home. Just because you think this is your dream home does not mean you should overpay for it. This is one advantage we have with Christie being a licensed appraiser. Christie looks at all values before submitting offers. We offer market value or below and don’t want our buyers over paying or having the deal fall out of Escrow because the appraisal does not come into value.

6. If you have aspirations of renting your home out at some point, especially for weekly rentals, be sure you understand the short-term renting laws and rules of the community or City.

7. Many people who move to the beach from inland tend to be downsizing. From personal experience this can be an awesome feeling, getting rid of “stuff.” It can also be very tough if your not 100% OK with getting rid of things. Be aware that if you want to keep everything there is a good chance you will have to rent a storage.thedanielt4-2

8. Many Homes at the beach are older. Make sure your agent researches permits and square footage of the home. It is important that a buyer knows about any additions and if they have been permitted.

If you are looking for a specific type of home and want an updated list of what’s available please contact us. We will send the list directly to your email on the same business day.