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Vista Del Mar Middle School

Vista Del Mar Middle School is one of three public middle schools in San Clemente. If you are looking for a public school with an excellent record and qualified teaching staff, this is a great choice. Approximately five hundred and twenty-four students attend Vista Del Mar Middle School. Students at Vista Del Mar are actively engaged with a variety of activities and programs Vista Del Mar serves students from grades 6 to 8.

The principal of Vista Del Mar is Michelle Benham, and she welcomes all students and parents to the school. As the head of the school, she says that she understands how important middle school is to your children. Her #1 priority is that your kids are transitioning intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.She strives to make sure they also meet their individual needs and goals. The school challenges the students to help utilize structured, collaborative and innovative practices. Vista Del Mar Middle School is a beautiful modern facility in the middle of Talega, a San Clemente community. Here, the students are not only taught about academic excellence but overall life skills that will help them further their education. Many programs in Vista Del Mar Middle School the help promote creativity, critical thinking communication, collaboration, and action taking skills. These are some of the things that will promote your child’s performance in academics and also in life. Students who attend school at Vista Del Mar Middle School become life-long and self-assessing learners. Through this, they can demonstrate significant growth in social responsibility and academic performance.

Vista Del Mar Middle School has a student-teacher ratio of 26:1 which is higher than the CA average which is 25:1. This ensures that the students will have the best of their two years in the institution. Vista Del Mar Middle School is ranked among the top schools in California. It operates within the Capistrano Unified School District, and it has grown the student population by 17% over the past five years.

At Vista Del Mar Middle School there is a wide range of co-curricular activities including the availability of music, sports, arts and many others. One of these is the MAKO PRIDE whose purpose is to encourage and reward students who demonstrate outstanding citizenship, scholarship and community service.

The school has some of the top ratings and reviews in San Clemente area. Parents say the institution has a nice location, and it is secure for the children. They have also recognized the dedication of the teaching staff that goes to great lengths to ensure they serve your children with utmost care. The school has received a California Distinguished School award, and this was in the first four years of its operation. This means that the school is distinguished among those in California, and it is among the best. Vista Del Mar Middle School is a place where your child will be treated with the utmost respect which will help them achieve both academically and socially . If you are looking to relocate to San Clemente Vista Del Mar Middle School is just one of the many reasons San Clemente is one of the best beach towns in Southern California