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Shorecliffs Middle School

Shorecliffs Middle School is one of 3 middle schools in beautiful San Clemente,CA. The school principal is Heidi Crowley. It is rated as one of best public schools not only in the area but in California. According to research done by StartClass, Shorecliffs Middle school received a rating of 7. This was a significantly high number as compared to the average rating of 6 for most of the middle schools in California. This research was preformed using a variety of criteria which include state assessment scores, class size and college entrance exam scores.

Shorecliffs Middle school has graduated a good number of students to high school and college in the past few years. Most of the parents recommend this school because of its size and excellent staff. It is estimated that the average number of students in middle schools in California is 737. It has a student to teacher ratio of 27:1. This ratio is a little higher than the average middle school in California which is 23.7.

Students can enroll at Shorecliffs in 6th grade all the way to 8th grade. Shorecliffs is one of the best schools where you can take your kids and feel they are receiving a quality education. Shorecliffs has a variety of qualified staff in every field. Students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities, and are given a great deal of support from the staff. At Shorecliffs, your child will get the chance to take part in some of the most adventurous and social activities in the school like the Halloween dance; the students lip sync battle, and they get the chance to show off their talents in their fields through the many talent shows available.

If you want your child to be part of a school where they will be actively involved then Shorecliffs is a wonderful option. The office staff is very helpful to all parents and are always willing to communicate to help further your child’s progress and education. The schools teachers are dedicated to preparing your kids for high school and continuing education which can be overwhelming if the students are not properly prepared. This is an arduous task, but every teacher is prepared and ready to succeed.

The school has a great music department that your child can become actively involved in. They also have a program called the GATE program which according to many former students is always full, and is known to produce some great talent. If you are planning to relocate to San Clemente this is a wonderful school that you can feel confident as a parent that your child will receive an extraordinary education which will allow them to grow and advance their education.