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Marketing at Starbucks

So I am sitting Marketing at Starbucks in San Clemente this morning trying something new for my business. I didn’t really know how it would work or the response that I would get but had to try it. I am a Realtor in San Clemente, CA. My wife and I work together, she is my home value junkie, aka, Real Estate Appraiser and I am the knowledgeable Salesman. Anyway, after about 35 mins here I have talked to 3 people. All three were just curious about my sign, saying it was a cool idea. No leads yet but I do realize that I will need to be consistent with it. If I am here 3 days a week with my sign, people will start putting my face with “The Daniel Team.” Another obvious benefit is that if I am on the computer anyway, why not be somewhere that allows me to talk with people? “Real time update,” lol just had my first Real Estate conversation with a lady. She has a friend that is looking to buy so I gave her my cardThe Daniel Team Real Estate Starbucks

My take on it so far is that when people see me talking with others they feel less threatened maybe? I seem to have more engagement when I am talking with someone already.
If your looking for a home in Southern California, please reach out to us. We are happy to help and love meeting new people that are looking to live in the SO Cal. You know where I will be, Marketing at Starbucks in San Clemente.